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Hip-hop in Nigeria goes as far back as the early 80’s. It evolved in Nigeria due to the external influence of the American culture spreading across the world. In Nigeria, hip hop first gained its ground in Lagos when people like DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambata and Grandmaster Flash made hip hop beats infusing the […]

If there is anything obvious about Davido, it is his deep pocket. The singer is rich and proud of his (father’s) wealth that’s why he asked to be called Omo Baba Olowo, meaning “The Rich Man’s Son.” However, Davido is not only rich, he is also benevolent. In addition to his philanthropic gestures of previous […]


PAPA GOD by Kandy Hitz, is a melodious gospel song that talks about the tremendous work of GOD in our lives    

#SaiiRadio Presents to you the very best in the world of entertainment have fun Reading!!! Over the weekend, we reported when Daddy Freeze anounced the ‘Tithe Against Poverty’ challenge. According to him, the ‘Tithe Against Poverty’ challenge is a campaign created to end poverty in Nigeria. To participate, you must remove someone from poverty with […]

#SaiiRadio Presents to you the very best to keep you informed. – The Corruption Perception Index for 2017 has been released by Transparency International. Nigeria was ranked 148 least corrupt country, worse than its position in 2016 – Corruption is said to be increasing globally and much is not done to curb it Transparency International […]

#SaiiRadio Presents the very best in the world of Sports. Have fun reading. The Champions League tie Chelsea and Barcelona is the one of most entertaining games of the 2017/18 competition because of its magnitude. There were talking points in highly entertaining match as the rivalry brought another dimension to modern day football artistry. Chelsea […]

#SaiiRadio Presents To You the Very best that would help your Mental Ability!!! Have fun Reading!!! 1. Take regular physical exercise: This will improve bloodflow and oxygenation in the brain, and good general health promotes good mental health. (I can highly recommend Tai Chi for people of all ages and physical abilities. Many people also […]

#SaiiRadio Presents to you 👇👇👇👇 23 THINGS TO DO TO KEEP YOUR HUSBAND UNDER THE CONTROL OF YOUR LOVE 1. Call him by a pet name 2. Allow him exercise his authority as the head of the family. 3. DO not challenge him when he is hurt. 4. Be silent when he is angry. You […]

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