Radio Host and Show Registration

Radio Host and Show Registration

Saii Radio – offers you an amazing platform for you to host your radio show and build your brand.
Each Show receives a premium customized Show Page on our website. It includes a Customized Player, Live On-Air, Show Promo Trailer, Show Description, Host Bio,.
(Optional) One-time Setup Fee of $200 per show includes:
• Intro, Break and Ending Music
• Professional Voiceover for Intro
• All Music and Voiceover Editing
• Cover / Album Art graphic design for Audio Archive Embedded Art in MP3’s
• Graphic design of Banners for Show Page
• Creation of show beds with Host’s chosen music
• Creation of Host Promos: Record and Create Final
• Provide technical feedback on first show
• Archive setup – direct access
• Record Host’s personal promos for cross promotion
• Assist with dead air issues
• Place personalized Cover Art in archive recording
• Place personalized metadata in archive recording
• Training Session with Show
• Structure of the Show: Intro, Breaks, Ending
• Test with Host’s personal show beds
• Teach how to connect guests to show
• Internet Connectivity
• Speed Tests
• and more

Social Media Promotion: we promote our shows Weekly to give maximum exposure to over 10,000,000 social media users.
On-Air Promotion: We cross promote your show on our stations during other shows, music hours, etc. with your Show Promo (a 20-30 second audio ad).
Global Mobile Player: The Saii Radio has an App-Less Mobile Player. Via a mere link ( almost anyone, with any phone, can listen without an App! This means anywhere a link goes (social media, text, email) the station goes. It’s a viral phenomenon and more than 75% of our listeners are on the Mobile Player.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your message, brand, business, cause, etc. exposed to millions. Join the Saii Radio today

Saii Radio Show Prices
Includes: 1 live or prerecorded show and 2 re-airs each week.
To get started, simply pay the one-time Setup Fee of $200 today
Show Setup Fee = $200

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