8 Reasons to be a Radio Host on Saii Radio

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Top 8 Reasons to be a Radio Host on Saii Radio

Why be a Radio Host on our Radio Network?

1. Saii Radio is an online radio Platform, hosting a show on Saii Radio immediately connects you with our extensive community.

2. Being a radio host on Saii Radio allows you to build your show on a rich platform with the power of the Internet; to fulfill your outreach goals and connect with a very specialized and global online audience unlimited by time and distance. Saii Radio will provide you with Web Relevance, a recognizable Brand, and with the standard of excellence that has accompanied every single Saii Radio endeavor.

3. Expand your audience through Internet “attendance” of your program.

4. Run your commercial spots with your product or your website highlighted during your show and other live programs, creating an ongoing demand and attracting a worldwide audience.

5. Provides you a stage to showcase your specific expertise to your target market and/or audience.

6. Extensive technological access. In addition to listening through computers, your show can also be heard on nearly any mobile device such as iPods, MP3 players, and more than 8,000 different types of smartphones, Internet radios, and much more. If your public can receive your link on a mobile device, they can listen to you show. Any mobile device, not just iPhones and Androids. NO APPS REQUIRED!

7. Only the Saii Radio Platform has simple mobile links that enables your show to go viral naturally. Your listeners are not required to have an Apple or an Android mobile device to listen to you. If they can receive a simple link, they can listen without an app – anywhere in the world! NO APPS REQUIRED!

8. Your voice will be heard by an active and engaged global community of participants who are craving for your exclusive message. Your show page will have all your social networks and links descriptions and the promotion you deserve.

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