Its being said that great artists are those that can diversify and are unique in all sense of music and lifestyle like 2pac, Akon, eminem, 2face Idiba etc. yes Rukq Man has proven to be a master of his art as he drops another smashing HIT Single (The Call), a fast tempo, very melodic ,Naija afro type beat with a beautiful well told story with an eccentric rhyming and lyric. truly the call is one of those songs you would listen to and wonder why its on repeat, as you continue to play and shear you will understand how we all relate to the song.

From a place of low opportunities, and no support what so ever from country or family, artist, Animator songwriter, composer/producer Rukq Man produces and writes is own songs with a unique style, which has being featured in a number of short films and local tv shows in Nigeria. Because of his distinguished style of music and voice he teamed up with producer/dj el colombia from U.S.A and has made great hits from R n B, to hiphop, pop, house, etc. Rukq Man’s music carries great emotions and touching lyrics weather up tempo or slow for a great experience. Rukq MAN uses good animation to describe his stories both for young and old, he has being an animator for 5yrs running and has worked with numerous companies and individuals on various projects such as short films , music videos and education all promoting animation in Africa and Nigeria.


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